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New Simulators from Delletec

  Laparoscopy Adaptor Simulator

The Laparoscopy Adaptor Simulator comes with one Laparoscopy Sim Discs. It is intended to demonstrate the procedure of placing trocars into the abdominal cavity. The Lap Sim Insert Fits inside of the Laparotomy Torso. The Laparoscopy Sim Discs can be used numerous times. Additional discs can be purchased. Please refer to for pricing.

  Lap Sim Insert

The picture on the left shows the Lap Sim Insert.

Recommended Order of Procedures for the Maximum use of the Lap Sim Insert

Both Open & Laparoscopic procedures are possible.

 For GYN Procedures:

-Salpingotomy (Removal of Ectopic) x 2

-Bilateral Tubal Ligation x 1

-Oophorectomy x 2

-Resection of endometriosis x 3*

-Hysterectomy x 1

   *There are 6 endometrial masses on the Broad Ligament. Bilateral specimens are recommended.

       The student will have to keep specimens separate and labeled.


 For General Surgery Procedures:

-Appendectomy x 3

-Small Bowel Resection x 1

-Large Bowel Resection x 1

-Colostomy Creation x 1

-Colostomy Closure with re-anastomosis x 1

-Mesenteric Biopsy x 2




  Lap Sim Insert with Laparotomy Torso

The Lap Sim Insert also fits in the Laparotomy Torso which is sold seperately.

Important:  If you have already purchased either the Hysterectomy Simulator or Bowel Resection Simulator, the Torso that came with them can be slightly modified to allow for the Lap Sim Insert. Please call 512-352-3061 for further info.